PR2 - Training Curriculum on the Key competences for Lifelong Learning

The training curriculum aims to empower adult educators by providing a set of activities (divided into modules addressing each key competence) that will guide educators in identifying and uncovering their learners’ competencies (knowledges, skills, and attitudes), training them in each key competence, and assisting them in identifying their strengths and weaknesses, as well as raising their awareness and self-esteem. The training program will improve autonomy skills, problem-solving aptitudes, self-evaluation and self-management abilities, and the ability to adapt to varied circumstances, among other things. Furthermore, individuals who benefit from this program will improve their employability as well as their self-confidence by recognizing their own abilities and competencies.

Also, when their trainings are not included or evaluated in accordance with the respective national qualifications frameworks, the PR strives to empower adult educators, trainers, youth workers, and other professionals to identify and evaluate potential learning outcomes of their learners. Adult educators, youth workers, and other professionals will be aware of tools and approaches that can be utilized in both formal and non-formal educational contexts to help their learners recognize their learning outcomes and competences by the end of this PR.

Training Curriculum on the 8 European Key Competences